Gone are the days when calling to an international destination was a 鎲僴ce in a blue moon?thing, mainly because it made pockets empty very quickly share more content with only some words of conversation, but now and the future, is about VOIP Technology for all kinds of transmission and thus, making International calls easier and cheaper around the globe. VOIP found its roots in year 2000, but became an unrestricted tool for telecommunication by 2007 and since then it is accelerated with advancements and new dimensions. In 2009, total global voice traffic was 406 billion minutes of which 27% was through VOIP which is estimated to grow by 7-8% in 2010-11, as per Telegeagraphy.

Advanced VOIP Technology has encouraged hard-hitting competition among suppliers and is coming up with more options for end users. Now companies are competing on price, quality, flexibility, customization, convenience and, on and on. As a result, customers get benefited, unlike the case when there is monopoly of a single company. So, at one hand it makes customers happier and on other hand, it demands suppliers to be on their toes. Survival is only for those who can come up with the best mix of services for customers.

The incumbent carriers, as well as, other licensed or non licensed carriers, are now outsourcing their VOIP Operations to VOIP Wholesalers who act as aggregators of worldwide voice traffic. They channelize voice traffic directly to a country and then the carrier in that country terminates the call. The number of such wholesalers has been doubling nearly every two years. In VOIP Wholesale industry, key to success is maintaining a sound market share out of total traffic and ensuring revenues consistency. VOIP wholesalers, who work as Carrier鎶?Carrier, need to be flexible and react quickly to counteract competitive market forces. Addressing challenges like margin pressure, reduced capital for investment and increased traffic management complexity is a deciding fate among such wholesalers.

VOIP aggregators, like Breezecom, are now investing to build more capacity for international traffic and working to deliver quality services. They are now getting bigger and channelizing more subwaysurfershackcheatss and more world鎶?traffic so that they can grow along the scale of competition. Breezecom has evolved as one of the strong players of the industry, focusing mainly on Middle East region and gradually moving to cater other parts of the globe. It has already sensed the dynamics of wholesale VOIP industry and moving steadily by investing on features like real-time predictive and corrective routing changes every hour, handling millions of transactions per day, millions of pricing changes monthly, highest-value routes to every destination based on price and quality. So it is already equipped with multiple service levels adapted gangstarvegashackonlinez to customer needs and addressing the challenges in an ideal way.