A Professionally managed storage system, storage solutions, material holding, established in 1980, in UAE. Our expertise has a decades of experience indulged in major shelving projects in Emirates and East African countries. It provides mezzanine flooring and different shelving systems/shelving units like metal shelves, boltless shelving, mobile shelving, slotted Angle shelving, storage pallets, heavy duty pallet racks, storage racks, pallet racking systems and also a plastic pallet supplier especially in UAE. All our products are manufactured from high quality steel and finished with a powder coated finish for a long lasting durabilty.
To ensure that you get maximum space utility, our qualified storage space advisors utilize modern computer programming techniques. We design, Supply and Install Storage Systems from renowned and ISO certified manufacturers from Malaysia, India and Italy.
The Art of Storage
Abazar offers you a wide range of advantages and intelligent solution to meet all your Storage needs. ABAZAR Trading L.L.C. pleased to introduce ourselves ABAZAR STORAGE DIVISION as one of the leading supplier & installation of Storage Systems in U.A.E. since 1980.
Our main products are Slotted Angles Shelving, H\D Pallet Racking, L\D pallet Racking, Cantilever Racking, Bolts- Free Shelving & Super Market Shelving.
We also cater to all types of fabrication & interior Decoration Works. Fabrication works are carried out on all types of Stainless Steel Sheets, G.l. Sheets & Aluminum Sheet as per customer requirements.

Heavy Duty Pallet Racking:
The Most Popular storage system used in the warehouse is Pallet Racking System ,this racking system provides 100% accessibility and good stock rotation. It is fully adjustable and easy installed. Equipments and capital investment for such a system is also the most economical.
We have a full range of compatible accessories for different pallet types, sizes and weights. Safety or rack protection accessories such as corner guards, Column protectors, bollards, frame protectors, back mesh cladding, pallet back stops, etc. make storing a lot more safer.

Drive-in System:
Drive-in System has maximum storage capacity using minimum space, this drive-in drive-through racking system consists of blocks undivided by aisles suitable for the storage of large quantities of homogeneous products, picking and storage can be facilitated by forklift trucks driving right into the racks. Drive鏉媙-racking where picking and replenishment is done form one side only. Drive-through Racking subway surfers hack no survey ?where both sides of the racking are used.

Cantilever Racking:
Cantilever is classified as a heavy duty racking system, it’s applicable for storing longitudinal materials & goods such as pipes, profiles, timber, cast steel bars, crates etc. This system can be supplied in different load capacity, height, bay and arm length dimensions.

Slotted Angle Shelving:
The original and the simplest way to build a storage structure is of slotted Angle sheliving system. It provides a wide variety of profiles and shelf capacities, you can store anything from tires to timers.
You can build stairways, handrails and upper floors with walkways to make maximum use click this website of storage headroom, there is a place for slotted angle shelving in factories, warehouses, shops, offices and libraries.
We have a full range of compatible accessories for different sizes Slotted Shelves and Slotted Angles and with different weights capacities.

Picking Shelving:
The great variety of items and the high rotation it provides were key features to select this type of Shelving system which is called Picking shelving. The material which u required can be easily find out on the particular place and can be easily store in same place again. Loads are capacity is limited in this type of system and the materials is stored manually and retrieved.

Mobile Shelving:
The system of cabinets and shelving mounted upon mobile bases has enable us to optimize the office space designed for archive and file storage as well as maintaining documents confidentiality.
By use of Mobile shelving the storage space can be significantly saved and utilized by one using this system. A locking system guarantees subwaysurfershackcheatss documents protection so that unauthorized person can not have access to the files stored.

Rack Supported Platform:
Storage and picking of small and medium sized good can never be easier and economical that ours multi-tier racking system especially when there is enough room height and space. Accessible by staircase and loading gates, the exposed area of the platform are installed with safety handrails. Shelf levels can be either decked with steel decking panel or plywood.
Various types of floor decking materials are available- timber, plain steel Plates. Chequered Steel Plates, expanded mesh and Mesh Grating. Rack Supported Platform system also provides you a long span shelving below an office space on top.

Steel Fabricated Mezzanine Floor:
Mezzanine floor is a strong and stable structure that creates additional useful space in factories warehouses. Commercial buildings etc. Without the need to construct new building or alter the existing installation.
The mezzanine floor is built formed steel section that and normally used in building structure so is very strong and durable. In addition to standard configurations, it can be designed for a wide range of loads and spans a required by the client.

Bolts-Free Adjustable Shelving:
A bolt free system, designed to handle light and medium hand loaded goods. This system is ideal for warehouses, offices, Iibraries, archive stores, retails shop etc. Bolt free provides quick and simple installation, variety of overall dimensions, and wide range of load capacity, stability and versalitility.
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