Do you know that Goa has 45 share more content species of animals and 275 different types of birds and over sixty types of reptiles living in this small exotic state of India? When you talk about tourism of Goa, most tourist talk about it golden beaches and the beautiful palm trees, but there is more to Goa. In fact one of the most important tourist places in Goa is in its wild life sanctuaries which promote Eco Tourism in a major way. If you are wild life enthusiasts, you can awaken the wild instincts in you and enjoy a different beauty of Goa, which most tourists fail to enjoy. A few of the wild life sanctuaries are:

Wildlife Sanctuary situated in the town of Mollem
This sanctuary is situated in the eastern area of Goa and is currently known as the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. When visiting this place as a tourist, you would be amazed at the vastness of this place and this important wild life sanctuary covers around 240 sq km. This sanctuary is one of the important tourist places in Goa where you can observe wild life in its own surroundings and the Devil鎶?Canyon there is the ideal spot for a wildlife fan. Apart from the animals you would be mesmerized with the Dudhsagar waterfall which falls from a height of 200 meters. A visit to the Tambi Surla temple would make you aware of the glorious past of the Kadamba kings that ruled Goa during the 13th century. If you are really lucky you might see a tiger and this experience would make you feel like a king.

Wildlife Sanctuary in Bondla
The ideal time to visit this sanctuary situated in Northern Goa is from November to March. It is a small sanctuary but you would get to a see a variety of big cats and this makes the location an important eco tourism tourist places in Goa. The Bondla sanctuary was set up with an objective to give refuge to injured wild animals that could enjoy living in their old wildlife surroundings. But share here today this sanctuary also has a rose garden, a deer park and its very own zoo. There is also a botanical garden which houses the varied fauna and flora species in Goa. Here you would also be surprised to find a National Education Center which educates the common people about wildlife and the environment around them.

Salim Ali bird sanctuary
As an avid wildlife lover, your vacation in eco tourism of Goa is not complete if you do not visit the bird sanctuary in Salim Ali. This bird sanctuary is situated near the beautiful Mandovi River in the Chorao Island. When you visit the place between October to March, you would be check more greeted by the beautiful bird calls of various migratory birds. The beautiful island is covered with thick mango grooves and for a few moments you would be transformed into a beautiful dreamland in its cool ambience. You can spend a few moments in the watch tower by yourself and realize why this bird sanctuary is one of the popular tourist places in Goa.

After completing your visit here, you can also visit the famous churches and enjoy the Goan cuisines. Your family would thank you for this different vacation that they enjoyed in Goa.