To anyone who operates a business online, they know that who they choose for shipping their products from one destination to another, is crucial to their success as an online retailer.

This is especially true for ebay powersellers-since their competition is fierce and a certain level of conduct is expected from them as throne rush cheats merchants (HKDIVOEW789).

This said, check more shipping policies that are not the standard rule of thumb can easily throw a customer off-and make them question your reliability as an e-retailer. We take the FedEX shipping policy as a solid example of this.

So, what is this shipping policy causing such a stir of confusion and grief?

In many cases, FedEX will ship your order-if it comes in multiple parts-in multiple shipments-but with the same tracking number.

So, you may see that the order has been shipped and received; but it does not mean that all parts have-in fact-been shipped and/or received.

Anyone can see how the customers involved in this transaction may wonder where the rest of their order is-and feel they have been ‘ripped-off’ by you.

You, as a powerseller through eBay, may in turn, think that all items have been received and shipped seamlessly; until you receive a contact from your customer-furious and complaining. share here

The problem with this whole scenario is that all reactions are premature-since this is how FedEX operates in many occasions.

As any online business will tell you, the secret to their existence is based upon three things that their customers get from them.

These are: quality product, reputation, and reliable shipping. Since customers have no physical proof to go by that your company answers to all these issues, they must gain a trust of your business through the pictures of your product, how other customers view your product, and if you product ships when it is supposed to.

This understood, you can see why it is imperative to alert your customers of this shipping policy prior to sending out their order.

This cuts down on any future calamity in which the customer doesn’t understand that the rest of their order is still on its way. This way, your reputation as a powerseller or dropshipper is intact, and your business still profitable.