Interested in burning 22% more calories during your walks? Has nothing to do with walking longer, walking faster, wearing ankle weights, or carrying little dumbbells!

Intrigued yet?

First off, walking isn’t the best exercise to do if you’re 100% concerned with burning the most calories possible in the shortest amount of time. But for most people, that isn’t mortal kombat x cheats visit more information such a big concern. Walking is an enjoyable way to help with your weight loss efforts.

So here’s how you can make walking more efficient and productive when it comes to burning off calories.

You can burn off 22% more calories by doing deep breathing while you walk.

This is how you do it. Every minute of your walk, take a deep breath. Inhale for 5 seconds, hold it for 5 seconds, check more and then exhale it for 5 seconds.

The reason why this works is because the deep breathing oxygenates the blood which speeds up your metabolism… while helping the blood to carry off more toxins and fat to be excreted.

You can do the deep breathing a few other ways as well, but I prefer that you do the 5-5-5 method listed above.

You can do a 1-4-2 method where for every second you inhale, you hold for 4 seconds, and exhale for 2 seconds. Ideally you inhale for 2-3 seconds, hold it for 8-12 seconds, and exhale for 4-6 seconds.

The keys are to inhale through your nose and holding your breath. If you cheat on those, don’t even bother with this method.

So there you go… do deep breathing to burn 22% more calories while walking.