“The Center for Mind Brain Balance” was established to bridge the gap between a person’s psychological and emotional needs versus their brain-based or physical imbalances that mortal kombat x hack tool online are so often overlooked.
Founded in 2004 in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, “The Center for Mind Brain Balance” actually started business as “A Light of Hope”. Through the years we have expanded in the region evolving from our original counseling roots into the ever more demanding and exciting Brainwave Assessment and Regulation. In easier to understand terms, we are the leading providers in Brain Training and Neurofeedback.
Not only have we become leading pioneers in brain training technologies, but we are also proud to offer the Full “qEEG” Gold Standard 19channel Brainwave Assessment. For a complete list of our services, please visit the blitz brigade hack tool Services section of our newest website, . Join our many clients from across the country in finding your own optimum Health & Happiness!
“The Center for Mind Brain Balance”
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Anxiety & Stress Management
This is the 2nd part in a continual series of articles dedicated to the ongoing challenges of anxiety and stress. The first part titled, Stress! Stress!! Stress!!! focused on stress and how it influences every one of us on more of a personal level. Part 2 also incorporates other aspects of anxiety and stress including physiological and psychological characteristics and also explores what our Mind Brain Assessment process is all about.
Has your mind taken you hostage with negative thinking, irrational beliefs, and unrealistic expectations?
The conceptual mind we all use to think, act and feel can play tricks on us. Worse yet, when our mind senses danger or a threat, it immediately activates the flight or fight response and our body and brain prepare for the worst.
Living in chronic stress is horrible for your overall heath. Part of pixel gun 3d hack tool online your brain, responsible for logical decision making and impulse control temporally shuts down. Thus, when we are stressed, it’s as if we are not able to think, process, or even make accurate decisions. Worse yet, with continued stress, we begin to assume it is normal until we hit that breaking point and realize help is desperately needed.
Our assessment process, part of the cutting-edge Mind Brain Balance Method, examines the symptoms you subjectively observe in yourself or a loved one. Next, we compare that information to our objective assessment tools, including the qEEG brain mapping analysis, and a physiological assessment, and nutritional evaluation. This comparison of mind, brain and internal systems helps identify how you “think” you are doing, versus what is truly happening “behind the scenes”.
Our Mind Brain Assessment, part of our cutting-edge Mind Brain Balance Method, will offer you the chance to compare your subjective observations with our objective measurement and analysis, including the qEEG Brain Map and Physiological Stress Test analysis. Having the “gold standard” qEEG brain map, one can rest assured of where any imbalances may preside in the brain and what specific frequencies are needed in order to ultimately achieve long-lasting success.
As Kyle S. Ferroly, Founder and President of Mind Brain Balance states so persuasively, “we have the skills, knowledge and compassion to not only understand the root causes of these imbalances but more importantly we have the know-how and the tools needed to implement immediate strategies correcting these inconsistencies.” He goes on to say, “in laymen terms, we not only talk the talk, we walk the walk!”
Finally, always remember that The Center for Mind Brain Balance not only helps identify the foundational concerns of your current situation, but also coaches and guides you each and every step of the way throughout this journey of positive change for you or a loved one.
Warning Signs of Stress…
Stress can slowly take over one’s life. Here are just a few of the warning signs:
• Racing mind or busy brain
• Inability to concentrate on tasks
• Irritability or moodiness
• Eating irregularities
• Trouble sleeping
We take a unique approach to Stress Management, using our Physiological Biofeedback Assessment and qEEG Brain Wave Analysis to help guide a precise training or machine protocol, based on your individual needs. Unlike medication, we can “see” which parts of your brain are under or over-activated and tailor a specific session to your needs, versus taking a medication that helps a multitude of symptoms.
Our Stress Assessment will analyze your body’s internal systems that are often times found to be out of balance when stress is present.
Our comprehensive assessment includes:
• Muscle tension
• Skin sweating
• Hand temperature
• Breathing
• CO2 levels
• Brainwaves
• Heart rate variability
Following the Stress Assessment, you will know first-hand what your stress level is, and have already begun the process of not only improving but lowering your stress from the original baseline assessment contributors.
Yours in Health & Happiness!
Kyle S. Ferroly
Founder & President
Mind Brain Balance
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The Mind Brain Balance Team
“In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity.”
– Albert Einstein
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