The Advancing Safe and Healthy Homes Initiative (ASHHI)

The Advancing Safe and Healthy Homes Initiative (ASHHI) is a national program sponsored by The Kresge Foundation to address health issues that derive — all or in part — from in-home environmental hazards. The program engages organizations at the federal, state and local levels and accelerates the diffusion of healthy home models to improve the health of vulnerable populations across the nation.

“A child’s health should not be determined by their zip code.”
— Former HUD Deputy Secretary Ron Sims



The overarching goal of ASHHI is to advance the field of healthy housing by accomplishing the following:

  • Accelerating the capacity of organizations at the community level to eliminate lead poisoning, reduce acute asthma incidents and hospitalizations, and decrease accidents, injuries and deaths.
  • Addressing the significant disproportional impact on human health of home-related environmental health and safety hazards among vulnerable populations.
  • Assisting states and communities in transitioning to a healthy homes model using best practices to address multiple environmental health hazards.
  • Building the knowledge base of healthy homes practice and policy as an effective public health intervention.
  • Advancing philanthropic investment in the field.